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Dec. 8th, 2012 02:59 am
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BIRTH DATE: 31 October, 1973
HEIGHT: 6’ 9” // 206cm
WEIGHT: 191 lbs // 89kg
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Brown
PB/FC: Manny Montana
NOTABLE FEATURES: A glove on his left hand (covering burns), a scar down the right side of his face.
CURRENT CANON: Post!Skin Game*

Harry is a wizard, and once upon a time, he worked as a private investigator in Chicago. Now, he is Winter's Knight and serves the Sidhe Queen, Mab. He used to wear stuff like nerdy t-shirts and a long leather duster, but these days he's made his clothes into a full-scale arsenal and dresses to impress. You have to when you're as much a courtier as a warrior.

For a long time, he was the only openly-practicing practitioner in the United States. But time flows on, and things change. The annihilation of the Red Court, a powerful and influential coven of vampires, created a deep rift in the balance of the world and left the gap to be filled in by new and terrifying entities - many that had merely been waiting to get a leg up. These are dark days ahead, but it doesn't seem like humanity is ready to lay down and take it. So, what do you do? You call in the reserves and make them full-time partners. You stay informed. You stay alert. You stay alive.

While Harry is primarily serving as Winter's Knight, he wears another mantle: that of a Warden of the White Council - the branch of military and law enforcement, charged with execution of those who trespass against the Laws of Magic, enforcing those laws, waging military operations and protecting mortals from supernatural threat. While his home is in Chicago, Harry had been made Regional Commander of the Eastern half of the United States and continues to balance his duties as Winter’s mortal champion with his life as a wizard.

In his world, to be known as a wizard puts the practitioner in the top tier of the magical community. Wizards are the heavyweights, possessed of magic unbridled save by a set of seven (outdated, archaic, asshole) Laws that prevent them from abusing it, and protects both their own kind and normal human beings from harm. The magic of Harry’s particular breeding is, as far as is known, genetic and gifts them with several innate abilities, such as True Seeing and longevity of life.

Because he has accepted the mantle of Winter's Knight, he has also access to Winter’s power — which grants him heightened reflexes, strength, speed and the ability to ignore pain at near-berserker levels. The closer to Faerie he is, and the more he pulls from the mantle, the more inhuman he seems. The closer to mortals he is, the less he pulls from the mantle, and the more human he seems.

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harry "the great chicago fire" dresden